The genuine le Mans Rillettes

Description :

An eternal classic… The genuine Rillettes du Mans from Bordeau Chesnel, a pure gourmet experience!
Following a careful [removed]ion, the best pork cuts are slowly cooked in their own fat with only added salt and pepper.

The Bordeau Chesnel characteristics :

- A natural colour, a guarantee of its authenticity.
- A unique taste of browned meat and a smooth texture thanks to the slow cooking method (approximately 6 to 7 hours).
- No preservatives and no additives.

Packaging options :

Find the same recipe in the following sizes 110g, 220g et 400g

Nutritional information per 100g

Caloric value
435 kcal (1799 kJ)
15 g
40.5 g
including saturated fat acids
16.19 g
including mono unsaturated fat acids
19.09 g
including poly unsaturated fat acids
6.22 g
including Oméga 3
1.05 g
0.15 g
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