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The Bordeau Chesnel brand is marketed internationally via the Luissier Bordeau Chesnel company.
Luissier Bordeau Chesnel brings together two reknowned French producers and markets their products.


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- Luissier Bordeau Chesnel : Leading manufacturer of a wide range of rillettes (pork, roasted chicken, goose, duck, etc…) available in various sizes (110g, 220g, 400g, etc…).
In France, this brand enjoys a strong reputation (96%) and is currently the 3rd brand in the delicatessen market.


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- Souchon d’Auvergne : Traditional producer of dried sausages and saucissons (dried meat sausage St Agaûne, slices…) prepared using simple ingredients. The Souchon d’Auvergne Company is based at an altitude of 2,600 feet, in the town of Saint Maurice de Lignon. This situation guarantees exceptional curing conditions for their products.



These producers with their ancestral know-how and range of traditional products have been able to adapt and meet the expectations of today’s consumers who are increasingly looking for innovative textures and flavours.

Thus, the aim of Bordeau Chesnel is to introduce the food professionals to French gastronomy and more, so to ensure that these products meet the demands of consumers.

The industrial sites producing the food marketed by Bordeau Chesnel are committed to a quality approach, which aims at delivering the best quality product, ensuring consistency and safety in the manufacturing process.


Bordeau Chesnel in the world

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Bordeau Chesnel is present in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Morocco...